Schwarz Kennels Basic Puppy/Dog Contract

Below is your  ‘copy and paste’  generic puppy/dog contract.

1.) You may copy and paste this contract on to a blank page in your word program

   a.) Fill it out anyway you want.  If you change anything within the contract, please use red so i will be sure to see it.  Do not sign it as of yet…

2.) Save the contract in your DOCUMENTS on your computer.

3.) E-mail me the contract as an attachment  or….  you can copy and paste it into your E-mail.  Do NOT get fancy with pdf or other forms that i can NOT work with. It must be a WORD DOCUMENT.

I will go over our contract after you fill in all that you can. I will then fill in my parts.  When I am ok with the contract i will  send it off to you in an E-mail as an attachment.

Next you will go over the contract once again to be sure you agree with it, then sign it.  Send it back to me and i will then sign it and send it back to you.

Schwarz Kennels Puppy Sales Contract

Part One Seller’s Information: Kennels Name: Schwarz Kennels   Sellers Name: Lois E. Schwarz and Amey Gage  Seller’s Address: 4175 Winnetka Rd. White City, Or. 97503   Phone: 541 538-8224     E-Mail:   Hereinafter referred to as “Breeder/Seller”.

Part Two Buyer’s Information: Buyers Name:    __________   Buyers Address:   ________________   Buyers Phone:   _________   Buyers E-Mail   _____________    Hereinafter known as: “Buyer/Owner”

The seller has on this date __________  promised to sell to the buyer the Pup/Dog described below: Breed: American Alsatian    date of birth  ________    Gender:             description of pup/dog:  ______________________________   Sire’s information: ______________   Dam’s information:_________________

Total purchase price of pup _____________

Deposit amount and date Paid:  _____________________  

Additional payments and dates/check #s_____________

Less deposit and payments = _____________

Travel Crate for puppy (if you are buying a crate from me): __________  

(Schwarz pdf Handbook for puppy training: 19.00?) ____________

Boarding fees are $10.00 per day after 8 wks of age 

(Only If you can not pick your pup up at the time of sale)

DAYS BOARDING ______  X 10.00 =__________

Amount to be paid before shipment or pickup: ____________________

(Shipping and transportation fees are not the responsibility of the Breeder and are not included in the sale of this pup/dog)

PART THREE: AGENTS INFORMATION (For those shipping your pup cargo air)

Agents name: Crater Animal Clinic  Address 665 E. Villas Rd. Central Point, Or.97502  phone number (541) 779-0951 Fax: 541-779-6498      Email:

Part Four: Seller Warrants and Agrees

1. Seller Lois Schwarz is the lawful owner of the dam, and has full legal right to sell its offspring. We are NOT U.S.D.A. approved so you MUST have a representative exam your pup or it can not be flown out of state. (does not apply if you are using a carry crate and accompany your pup in your lap).

     (cargo air only!) a. Our Vet is Crater Animal Clinic and you MUST contact them and tell them that you are buying a pup from us and would like to ship the pup as cargo on a plane. In order for Lois to ship your pup, you must have an agent per government USDA rules and regs. Ask them if they would agree to be your agent and to check the pup out for its health certificate. Lois will be paying for this exam. You already own the pup and have paid for the pup and the pup is yours (property) by law.

      (cargo air only) b. You can also ask Amey Gage to be your Agent and you can call her to have her go over to our house to view the pup for you and to call you on the phone and give you her assessment as well as an up to date phone video of the pup. 

2. Seller guarantees that the puppy/dog is sound in body and good health when leaving kennels premises. The puppy has had its first inoculation for parvovirus, hepatitis, distemper, adenovirus and Para Influenza and this information is on the puppies page in our web site as well as on the puppies paperwork given to you or sent to you or sent with the pup. (refer all questions regarding inoculations and worming to your qualified veterinarian.) The Seller will not be held responsible for any veterinary matters related to the animal while shipping/transporting including but not limited to fleas, ear mite, ticks, matts once a puppy/dog has left the Sellers possession with the health Cert signed by her Vet. The Seller will be free from vet charges that may arise due to the contact of puppy/dog with other animals and/or substances during the transportation. The Seller will not be held responsible for any unforeseen delays in the transportation schedule caused by airlines or airlines weather restrictions or public or private transport services.

3. Seller guarantees that the puppy/dog is free from any known physical defects at the time when animal left the Seller’s possession. 

4. Buyer should also take the pup to his own Vet near him/her within 3 business days from puppy being in the buyer possession. If the puppy has a physical defect or life threatening transmittable illness, the buyer is entitled to a replacement pup after this ill/defective pup is transported back to the seller (as soon as possible) at the seller expense with all paperwork returned to the seller and being signed back to the seller.

The buyer is obligated to share all medical information address, phone, paperwork and test results with the seller. Seller reserves the right to review this information with the sellers licensed veterinarian and contact the buyers veterinarian prior to decision making.

5. New Owner (buyer) is not ever reimbursed for veterinarian expenses unless these expenses are negotiated and confirmed in advance by a signed written agreement between the seller and the buyer.

6. The buyer may keep the dog or transfer the ownership to another party, but this dog must be neutered or spayed, and we the seller must receive written proof of this procedure from the veterinarian who performed the surgery before a replacement puppy could be released to the buyer.

7. The Seller guarantees the above puppy/dog against life-threatening non-treatable congenital defects for the first 2 years of animal life. If life-threatening non-treatable congenital defect is found within the first 2 years of animal life then the seller agrees to provide the buyer with a replacement puppy if all of the following conditions are met:

     1) The statement from the licensed veterinarian indicating the diagnosis and the date when first diagnosed must be received by the Seller,

     2) The puppy is returned to the seller/breeder at the buyers cost. Or both parties negotiate and agree on the neutering, keeping or selling of this animal.

     3) Necropsy report outlining the defect upon animal death is received by the Seller. The Seller has a right to review the above documents with the licensed veterinarian and to contact veterinarian who performed the procedure. In case of multiple life-threatening non-treatable congenital defects are found and confirmed within 2 years of animal life the Buyer agrees that the Seller shall provide a single replacement puppy upon all clauses of this paragraph are satisfied.

The Seller will not be held responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by the Buyer unless such expenses are negotiated in advance and confirmed by written documentation signed by both the Seller and the Buyer.

8. If replacement of puppy/dog is applicable as per paragraphs 3, 5 and 6 of the current contract then the following conditions shall apply:

(A). All freight charges for the replacement dog puppy are to be paid by the owner/buyer of the puppy/dog. The seller is under no obligations to ship the replacement dog/pup until all transportation fees are paid in full.

(B). Replacement puppy/dog may be chosen from any available breeding that is similar in price to what the buyer paid for the original puppy/dog. Should the buyer want a more expensive replacement puppy/dog the seller shall be entitled to receive the difference in price before a replacement puppy is released to the buyer.

(C). All replacement clauses identified in paragraphs 3, 5, 6 and this current paragraph are applicable to the original owner of the puppy/dog.


#1 is for those shipping cargo air only…. 1. You WILL hire or ask any person to represent you as YOUR AGENT before you purchase your pup so that THEY (your agent) can act on your behalf as you have not personally seen the pup. Signing this paperwork states that you HAVE (or will have) had your agent (which may be the veterinarian) see your new pup and they have gotten back to you about your puppy.

2. This puppy/dog shall be maintained and kept under the personal control of the Buyer, and this dog shall be given adequate housing, food, veterinary care, basic obedience training and shall in no manner be mistreated or neglected.

3. This puppy/dog is sold as a pet or companion dog (not guaranteed to be of show conformation and/or breeding quality) and he/she shall not be used for breeding unless the buyer and the seller agree, in writing, to that, in a separate breeding rights agreement. (The American Alsatian wording is Trade Marked and may never be used by anyone other than the breeder)

4. If circumstances arise that would prevent the buyer from keeping this dog, the buyer promises not to discard this dog, and to make every effort to place the dog in another suitable home. This dog shall not be turned over to any animal shelter or rescue organization. If the buyer is unable to locate a suitable home for the dog, the dog shall be returned to the seller together with its signed-off registration papers – free of charge to the seller and the seller would find a new buyer to reimburse the cost of boarding and care.

This contract is valid from the date of final purchase (Deposit of final payment) of the puppy and throughout the lifetime of the dog, or until the buyer transfers ownership of the dog to a third party.

Buyer: ______________________________ date: __________

Seller: ______________________________ date: __________