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Anastasia x

Pepper pups

Whelped Monday Aug 9th 2021

Male silver gray sable 9,000.00 keeping?

Ana is an “ROM” (register of merit). The only way to get this title is to CONSISTENTLY give me quality pups no matter how ugly the male is that was bred to her. Once again she continues to amaze me. When i saw this first male pup (after a night of digging in the walk in closet filled with shredded papers and rags) I was thrilled, not just for the beautiful large girthy muscular male but for her! With a smile on her face of ‘achievement’ she got up to show me what she had done and moved away so i could see him better. I smiled, went in to see her and gave her the biggest of all hugs and kisses. I sat down with her and we chatted as she put her head in my lap and licked me. Wagging her tail. What a ham… what a fantastic female. I just do not know if i can find her the home she deserves. One hell of a dog here. Yes, some of her pups have had a tad bit of energy, but as you ‘newbies’ get pups and continue to learn and train, you will find out that it is basically YOU that are encouraging hyper… You can stop it by not allowing it in the first place. What you allow as a pup, will carry on as an adult. Also, get MALES not females. ALL her pups are great, no other comments needed…



7 puppies Born: July 25th on a Sunday 2021


3,000.00 Maroon collar: White/cream with dark points

3,000.00 Black collar; White/Cream with dark points

8,000.00 Blue Collar: Steal gray w silver ticking. Hybrid recessive. (might keep?)


Pink-Yellow collar. Dark face. Blak ears. Black stockings. silver sable body. White on chin. W-toes r rear w/l rear toes+ No w/tip. Ticking

8,000.00 Green Collar; Very dark black sable. small white musical note on chest. dark fat muzzle. sm back feet. med tail. i see mastiff. black leggings. sm ticking with wide dorsal stripe. (might keep)

3,000.00 No collar: pink nose w/black w/blaze. dk blk ears and muzzle. silver sable dark dorsal. girth. mastiff. beautiful pup. ticking. w/neck spot.

Pink; blaze female. beautiful silver gray w/dot belly, white throat, w/chin, w/chest, w r feet, pink nose. May keep?

Chibi x Pepper pups are on the ‘working’ side of the spectrum. They are busy and because of the heat have wandered all over the walk in closet to get closer to the fans and breeze ways. This is at 4 days old !!! They do NOT stay put near momma dog. This means they have a lot more energy than what i want from the dire wolf project and you must remember that we are in transit to change this group of pups into the look of the Fox. But do NOT fret! My dogs are STILL not hyper as you know hyper. Now, you can probably MAKE them more hyper by allowing them to be ‘free’ and without any rules, but if you TRAIN the pup and be with the pup as you should be, you will have a fantastic dog. I give my promise to this. None better than my dogs.

When you change the design of an animal, you change the temperament. Body build and conformation is directly related to temperament. ~ LE Schwarz


Ana pups

On Jan 10th 2021/Saturday, Anastasia x Naga had these pups. (These pups have all been sold)


1-14-21: NA4004-1.    Blue Male. 1 LB.   white belly button. W/tip tail. (Boss pup) 2 W/F/Paws. Sm/w/r/toes. Dark skin. Sm. Muzzle. Wide head. Tri Golden Sable. W/chest. Large, broad, long tail, big feet. Cries. 1/23/21: Keeper, dire wolf project? Great Temperament!

1-14-21: NA4004-2.    Pink Female, 3/4 LB.    long black female. 2 2/front paws. Now/tip. Gold Sable. Went right to teat. Shortish legs. long body. Quiet pup. Good instincts. Curly coat @ birth on back/rump. Sm Head. Hybrid nose (pinkinsh) no mask though black at birth. left ear higher on head than right. eyes slanted. good specimen. long neck. Short muzzle. cute. V on chest. Victory pup? hybrid nose. Stubborn. 1-26-21: Good looking female. BOLD and Strong. Girthy. Gets mad but gives in. Another great pup.

1-14-21: NA4004-3.    Purple Male. 1 LB.   feet first. not breathing. removed liquid from lungs. resuscitated. W/tux W/2/front paws. R/F glove. long. long neck. Straight coat. smallish. Hybrid/pigmentation #6 lips pink, pads of feet pink. W/tip tail. Sm head. petite body. snow nose, no mask. 15 min to cry. High pitch. kind of stiff. W/hairs on head/neck. Un-coordinated but fighting to move. going towards mom. figuring it out. likes attention. loves attention. autistic? Quieting down now. long legs gets in the way. Thinking/learning to use them. 4:45 finally stopped crying is fitting in well. looking good. still cries when away from mom. stands on rear feet/legs. climbs up on mom. Black coat/hybrid. Very busy boy. W/chin. 1-23-21: Large w/blaze. Easy yet bold. Some independence at this age. doesnt like to be on back. Will be a great dog.

1-15-21: NA4004-4.   4:30am. Red Female. 3/4 LB.  feet first. lightest pup so far. hybrid color. no mask. silver sable w/red tint. Low pigmentation snownose@birth. w/tip. pink skin. wish bone white chest. long tail. small. Really long tail. shorter legs. silver leggings. long body. silver brown checks. No mask. not black. kind of reddish brown. silver shoulder blades. silver sides of ribs. sm pink lips. pink belly hybrid black. is not real blac. Red starting to make some noses now. long pup. sm w/sock/toes r/front. very sm. w/toes rear. w/toes sock, left front. should resemble Anastasia but better looking. 1-26-21: I do not do much with this pup. small. Sleeps and eats.

1-15-21: NA4004-5.   6;30 am. Black Female. .5 LB  Head first and fiesty. energetic. no placenta. thin sm. all black hybrid. long face. no stop. walking on all fours. big head and muzzle. w/chest. no w/feet. no w/tip sm.pinkish nose but black. hybrid pink pads. hammer female. thinnish.  1-26-21: I dont bother this pup much. Long coat which is very unusual for a female. girth. nice pup. Breeder?

1-15-21: NA4004-6 8:00 am  Male. Black hybrid. sm tiny white. long tail. Worked 10-15 min on this guy trying to get him to breath. Finally he took a breath. held it in and i had to push on his tummy and pull up his rear legs into his chest. Massaged his heart. am breathing for him. Takes another breath and i wait. push in and out. I thought he was a gonner. Getting better. 1 hour later he DIED.

1-15-21: NA4004-7 10:00 AM. Yellow Female. white tip tail. large, 4 w/feet. w/under back legs. 1.2 lbs.    head first. (KEEPING). Large female. Dire wolf project. 1-26-21: Still liking this gal.

1-15-21: NA4004-8  1:12 PM Orange. Male. Black. Long. W/TOES/CHEST. HEAD FIRST. W/CHIN 1.41 LB BLACK SKIN. 1-23-21: Black male Stud co-ownership? Temper. stubborn. independent at this age.

1-15-21: NA4004-9  1:30 pm Turq Male. head first. white chest/toes/chin 3/4 lb. Light blue collar. Med size male. smallish keeper? fox project? 1-26-21: getting lighter. silver gray wolf?

1-15-21: NA4004-10 2:15pm Female double sac. not breathing. cpr for 1 hour. wouldnt breath. has heart beat @ 3:15 she took a breath on her own. 4:15 pm DIED. w/tip/toes/chest

1-15-21: NA4004-11 12:00 midnight. Female. Black w/spotting did not get pup out of sack quick enough. DIED.


Boss’ Anastasia (ROM) Von Vegas

# BV3002-7   (F-3)     Female

Born: 5-14-17