1.) You may copy and paste the contracts on to a blank page in your word program or copy it into your email directly. (easiest).

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Our Contracts

The Basic American Alsatian Contract 
used for both puppies or adult dogs. This covers the purchase of all pet quality American Alsatians and is the one we mostly use.

Adult Dog Contract
Adult dogs are usually a year old or older.

The Show puppy or Breeder puppy Contract
This is the pick of the litter or a highly prized pup. These pups might be used in Shows, Movies, Presentations, Breeding. This pup brings money into the owner AND BREEDER and is HIGHLY valuable.

Co-Ownership Contracts
Used when a pup is being bought and Co-Owned with Lois Schwarz, in which Lois Schwarz is the first and Legal owner of the following pup/dog until the terms of this contract are met.

The Outcross puppy or an F-1
The first generation pup out of a non American Alsatian and a pure Am Alsatian. Sometimes these pups hold more of the traits of the non Am Alsatian. Read the notes on each pup to get a better understanding of the pups traits/ character/ and temperament.

Replacement dog/pup Contract
If a pup from the Schwarz Kennels had any detrimental health condition, in which the pup/dogs quality of life was DRASTICALLY reduced or you had to put the pup/dog down (to sleep). You must MAIL the Schwarz Kennel the vet diagnosis in which the veterinarian states that the pup or dog is in a detrimental state of health. A condition in which he feels the pup/dogs quality of life is suffering and the life span has been drastically reduced in this dog, and the vet believes that the owner should have the pup or dog replaced. The result of the dog/pups health must be genetic and Lois’s fault in her breeding and/or you have discussed the issue with Lois and she has agreed to replace your pup.  If your pup/dog hurt himself by playing, or over exhurted or got into some poison or fell, and it is NOT the fault of the schwarz kennels or Lois’s breeding, then you are not entitled to a replacement.  Lois does sometimes reduce the price of your next pup drastically or may offer you a free pup.  If you are qualified for a replacement dog/pup, then this is the contract to be filled out.