Anastasia Von Schwarz R.O.M 2019 (To see her pups, scroll down)

Boss’ Anastasia (ROM)

(Register of Merit for producing excellent pups with a variety of studs)

Von Vegas # BV3002-7   (F-3)     Female Born: 5-14-17

  • Conformation: 10+ (over the top)
  • Adult weight: 120
  • Temperament: 10
  • Some protection/Velcro
  • Intelligence: 10 stubborn
  • Trainability: 10+ stubborn
  • Prey Drive: 6 eats squirrels
  • Scores as of: 5-18-20


Notes on Anastasia:

Double Rain
Double Nadine
In three generations

6-1-17: This pup was my first pick when they all were only 1 day old.  Even though she was stubborn and bossy and determined, i loved her right away. She made me laugh at her as she was so stubborn and bold and large. haha, too bad missy!

I kissed her, blew in her face and bothered her until she didn’t care about anything any more. lol.. She wanted to be left the heck alone, haha..  Wanted to get to that milk, wanted to get more FOOD and then sleep and she wanted comfort of the pile. She of course had to be on top. A bold dominate female. Not afraid of anything. She believes she is the queen of life itself. *shakes head. she still makes me laugh.

With this pup, i will need to ‘reach’ her.. inside her head, to explain to her that there is something going on here and it is called communication. When she gets it  and she will, she will be the ‘bomb’… 

Great head, great ear set, great girth, great neck, great rear. Strong female.

June 23 2017:  A MATURE pup, too smart for most folks. She is a tad bit dominate but that is just because she knows who she is. She is a thinker.  Not too standoffish. Waits to see what is going on , for the most part. Does get excited to see me. is not afraid of much. A bit stubborn. A perfect Am Alsatian Bitch.  Could be top dog in a kennel when mature.

11-17-19: This is a very strong and determined female that knows what she wants in life. She is DEDICATED to her human pack and territory. She is standoffish but will stand firm and strong letting me know of her dislikes. She does not care for strangers. She shows her Irish Wolfhound blood and temperament along with her German Shepherd War dog attitude and I love it. She communicates with her eyes and looks into your soul. She talks. She speaks loud and clear to me and i right back at her. She UNDERSTANDS communication. She is too intuitive and smart for most average people and her intelligence would be lost on most. She is a Keeper. I do not think i shall ever find the right person for this dog so i suspect she will be here a long while. I feel safe with this gal by my side.

Anastasia was given to Jennifer for breeding, with a litter back. Never produced a litter i liked so i opted to have her back here to bred with my males.

4-2020: Glad to have her back in my life. She is exactly who she was when born. She is top bitch of the farm but she is in competition with Sela who shares her pedigree very close. The GSD is strong in them and the Malamute over powers it with stubborn determination. She could use some Mastiff in her pups, so… i will be breeding her to a Mastiff out-cross and keeping 2 or 3 of those pups. Not sure if i want to sell her or not. Great dog.


9-10-19: Bred with Yukon out of Elwin/Boss
9-16-19: Bred with Quentin out of Saigon
(Went to Jennifer’s for 2 years)
April 2020: Bred with Buck Jr and Quentin?
6-13-20: Whelped 13 pups (10 lived)
Wormed/7-18-20  pyrantel pamoate
Wormed 8-18-20: pyrantel pamoate + Nemex2

Test Scores: 1 (low Bad) – 10 (high Good)

Our tests are rated 1-10 on our AA standards for companion dog excellent in temperament.

Vocal sounds10
Prey Drive5
chewing things9
Aggression towards humans6
Aggression towards other dogs7
Aggression towards smaller animals5
Soft/Hard bite7
Touch Sensitivity 7
Total overall Conformation7
too round
Ears8 one drop
Skull10 female
Tail7 low set on
Feet8 small