Adult Dogs for Sale



von Mulan

Chibi is a year old young female that we used for breeding one time. She has delivered quality pups and we are now moving on to the next generation. She was the top pick of her litter and is intuitive, sensitive, easy to train. She is an American Alsatian from the Dire Wolf project. Cream with Black points.

She has never been away from the farm so you will need to begin with basic training to introduce her to those scary noises. City noises that she has never heard: traffic, trucks, garbage men, lots of people etc. We live in a quite country world here, so know this. She will need to be shown the world. This is called ‘socializing’.

She understands body language completely and EXPECTS you to read her also. She also expects an owner to have her back at all times, to pay attention to the world around her and keep her from any danger. She will need to learn to trust you, a stranger to her. Can you be trusted? Can you teach her, learn from her and benefit for the next 14 years of her life? This gal is healthy stock. She did get skinny during her pregnancy but with proper food, came right out of it. cooked meats. She is a meat eater.

She will need to be spayed before she leaves so this cost is in the price of her. She will be updated with rabies and shots, also in the price.

Total cost is 1200.00 . This does not include any transportation, cages or equipment. You will receive her paperwork and a large bag of dog food for a week so you can transition her to a brand you have in your area.